Here’s a tip I picked up from the IBM support team. I’ve not tested this myself but it looks sound. I will try to test this in my lab soon and report back.


“You can use SEA poll_uplink method (requires VIOS In this case SEA can pass up the link status, no "!REQD" style ping is required any more.


Yes, you can install VIOS on top of

At the moment I'm not aware any official documentation regarding how to configure SEA poll_uplink in PowerHA environment. I was in touch with Dino Quintero (editor of the PowerHA Redbooks) and his team will update the latest PowerHA Redbook with this information soon.

However, it's very easy to enable SEA poll_uplink in PowerHA. Configuration steps:

Enable poll_uplink on ent0 interface (run this command for all virtual interfaces on all nodes):

# chdev -l ent0 -a poll_uplink=yes -P


This change requires a reboot

Check ent0 and the uplink status:


# lsattr -El ent0 | grep poll_uplink
poll_uplink yes Enable Uplink Polling True
poll_uplink_int 1000 Time interval for Uplink Polling True

# entstat -d ent0 | grep -i bridge
Bridge Status: Up

Enable poll uplink in CAA / PowerHA:


# clmgr -f modify cluster MONITOR_INTERFACES=enable

Run cluster verification and synchronization. Finally, start PowerHA cluster.

Some more information on SEA poll_uplink functionality: