Last month I applied the latest fix pack for VIOS 2.1 i.e. FP22, to one of our lab VIOS.

I came across the following error while doing so:

Renaming Media Repository Logical Volume:

VMLibrary_LV --> VMLibrary

umount: error unmounting /dev/VMLibrary_LV: Device busy

Media Repository failed to unmount. We cannot continue

until it can be successfully unmounted. Please address

and retry.

update: Failed while executing the ios.cli.rte.post_u script.

installp: The installation has FAILED for the "root" part

of the following filesets:


Despite the error, the ioslevel command reported that the fix pack had been applied. This was misleading, as a critical fileset had not been updated i.e. ios.cli.rte.

$ ioslevel

To workaround this problem I removed the Virtual Media Repository on the VIOS.

$ rmrep

As the ios.cli.rte fileset had not installed properly, I had to reinstall the base fileset and then apply the update (fix pack) again.


1 Total to be installed


Installing Software...


installp: APPLYING software for:


. . . . . << Copyright notice for ios.cli >> . . . . . . .

Licensed Materials - Property of IBM


Copyright International Business Machines Corp. 2004, 2008.

All rights reserved.

US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure

restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

. . . . . << End of copyright notice for ios.cli >>. . . .

0 * * * * /usr/ios/cli/ 2>/dev/null

0 * * * * /usr/ios/cli/ 2>/dev/null

0 * * * * /usr/ios/cli/ 2>/dev/null



Finished processing all filesets. (Total time: 18 secs).




Installation Summary


Name Level Part Event Result




# lslpp -l ios.cli.rte

Fileset Level State Description


Path: /usr/lib/objrepos

ios.cli.rte COMMITTED Virtual I/O Technologies

Path: /etc/objrepos

ios.cli.rte COMMITTED Virtual I/O Technologies

Then I recreated the media repository with mkrep.

$ mkrep -sp rootvg -size 10G

At the time I thought perhaps I had done something wrong. I forgot all about it, until now. Today (a month after my experience), IBM updated the VIOS support page with the following information:

Known issues and limitations

File Backed Optical Media Repository: If you use the File Backed Optical Media Repository, you must unload any media images before you apply Fix Pack 22.1. If you have any media images loaded, the fix pack installation fails for the

ios.cli.rte fileset. The failure may not be apparent, because the ioslevel will be updated. Refer to this page for information to help you resolve this problem.

And they re-released FP22 as FP22.1.

Fixes in Fix Pack 22.1 (VIOS V2.1.2.10 FP-22.1) include:

Fixed problem with Electronic Service Agent in IVM

Fixed problem in bus device driver for NPIV

Fixed problem in device driver pertaining to reading SSD disks (MPIO fixes)

Fixed problem in xmtopas (install problem)

Fixed packaging problem with the Media Repository

Fixed problem with backupios ? fails to give adequate details on stdout errors