I stumbled across this IBM support tech note today. It relates to controlling which network to use during a Live Partition Mobility operation.


By being given the choice of which network to use we can select network adapters that are more suited to this type of activity i.e. ones that are one or more of the following:

high-speed,under utilized and/or dedicated to non-application data (for example). Using a high speed network may improve the performance of an LPM operation and reduce

the overall time required to perform the memory copy between systems.

The diagram in the tech note shows a dedicated Gigabit network between the source and destination VIOS.I found the following point quite interesting:

"NOTE: Currently transfer of data for 1 partition does not scale much beyond 1 Gbit speed, 10Gibt does not provide benefit for parallel migrations."

For those of us who were planning on using their 10GB network adapters for LPM traffic (like I was), we may not need bother at the moment.

I wonder if this will change in the future?