So youre configuring a new PowerHA 6.1 cluster and you decide to check if the clinfoES subsystem is running. You run the following command:

# lssrc -a | grep cluster

clstrmgrES cluster 2883628 active

Hmmm, clinfoES is not listed. To ensure that is clinfoES is shown in lssrc output, in both inactive and active states, run the following command on all nodes in the cluster:

# chssys -s clinfoES d

And now clinfoES is shown:

#lssrc -a | grep cluster

clstrmgrES cluster 2883628 active

clinfoES cluster inoperative

There was also a time when you had to do the same for clstrmgrES, however this subsystem is now always active (very rarely/never inactive) on a HA node e.g.

# chssys -s clstrmgrES -d

The chssys command can make changes to a subsystems definition on AIX:

The d flag to the chssys command specifies that an inactive subsystem is displayed in lssrc output.

I found a very old reference to something similar in this old HACMP/ES Redbook, but only the clinfoES recommendation still applies:

For a better understanding and to avoid problem determination, it is recommended to make all relevant HACMP subsystems visible with the lssrc command, independent of whether they are active or not.

# chssys -s clinfoES -d # modify subsystem definition

# chssys -s cllockdES -d

# chssys -s clsmuxpdES -d

# chssys -s clvmd d