A quick tip for monitoring Multiple Shared Processor Pools with topas.

Execute topas from the AIX command line. Press the p key to toggle on pool metrics. You will see the default pool (pool id 0) and any other pools defined on your system. In the example below, there are two pools, the default (0) and a user defined pool (1). The default display shows the LPARs in the default pool (0), which in this case is sys06_partition8.

Using the up and down arrow keys, I place the cursor on pool ID number one, in the pool column on the left-hand side and thenpress the f key to toggle the focus. This changes what is displayed in the lower portion of the output. The LPAR associated with pool 1 (sys06_partition9) is shown.

# topas -C



Multiple Shared Processor Pools are supported on Power6 and Power7 systems.

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