On more than one occasion I’ve written articles and blogs on how to migrate AIX systems to a new version of the AIX operating system. You can find a list these articles (and others) here. Each of the NIM articles focuses on migrating AIX systems (which are configured as NIM clients). The approach is always the same; use a NIM master to migrate the NIM clients to the next release of AIX. What they don’t discuss is how to migrate your NIM master to a new version of the OS. This is the very first step you should take before you consider migrating your clients. The NIM master should always be at the same or higher AIX level than the level you are migrating to on a client. So, in this latest article, I’ll discuss, step by step, how to migrate your NIM master from AIX 7.1 to AIX 7.2 (the latest release of the AIX OS).