Is that a versioned WPAR? Use the lswpar command and the –G option to determine the WPAR type. Yeah, I could use clogin and then run oslevel, but this is faster!


[root@gibopvc1]/ # lswpar -G p8wpar1


p8wpar1 - Active


Type:                    S

RootVG WPAR:             yes

Owner:                   root

Hostname:                p8wpar1

WPAR-Specific Routing:   no

Virtual IP WPAR:

Directory:               /wpars/p8wpar1

Start/Stop Script:

Auto Start:              no

Private /usr:            yes

Checkpointable:          no



OStype:                  1024

Cross-WPAR IPC:          yes

Architecture:            none

UUID:                    418c1da6-bceb-4b4e-b872-b1c6701da0b6