A customer was attempting to move an LPAR from one POWER7 750 to another POWER7 750 using Live Partition Mobility (LPM). But he was receiving the following error message when performing an LPM validation.


This was an easy one to fix. The reserve policy on the hdisk on the VIOS (yes, it was a single VIO server not dual VIOS, dont ask why!) was set to PR_exclusive instead of no_reserve.

$ lsmap vadapter vhost0

SVSA Physloc Client Partition ID

--------------- -------------------------------------------- ------------------

vhost0 U8233.E8B.XXXXXXX-V1-C180 0x00000007

VTD vtscsi0

Status Available

LUN 0x8100000000000000

Backing device hdisk2

Physloc U78A0.001.XXXXXX-P1-C1-T1-W50060E90104520330-L1000000000000

Mirrored false

$ lsdev -dev hdisk2 -attr

attribute value description user_settable

PCM PCM/friend/hitachifcp N/A True

PR_key_value 0x1f646f04c Reserve Key True

algorithm round_robin N/A False

clr_q no Device CLEARS its Queue on error True

dvc_support N/A False

location Location Label True

lun_id 0x1000000000000 Logical Unit Number ID False

max_transfer 0x40000 Maximum TRANSFER Size True

node_name 0x50060e8010460550 FC Node Name False

pvid none Physical Volume ID False

q_err yes Use QERR bit False

q_type simple Queue TYPE True

queue_depth 20 Queue DEPTH True

reassign_to 120 REASSIGN time out True

reserve_policy PR_exclusive Reserve Policy True

rw_timeout 60 READ/WRITE time out True

scsi_id 0xb0600 SCSI ID False

start_timeout 60 START UNIT time out True

ww_name 0x50060e8010460330 FC World Wide Name False

Once we changed the reserve_policy setting for hdisk2 from PR_exclusive to no_reserve, the LPM operation worked fine.