Starting with POWER9 System Firmware 930 (VH930_FW930.00 (35)) and above, the ioinfo command (in Open Firmware) has been disabled. This command has been used by AIX/Power Systems administrators for years to discover the WWPNs of their new Fibre Channel adapters.

If you attempt to use ioinfo on a system on 930 fimrware, you will see the following message.

0 > ioinfo

This function has been deprecated in preference of the SMS main menu

I/O Device Information set of utility functions.

It suggests using the SMS, I/O Device Information option to find the WWPN device info. Here's a link to the documentation.

However, if the SAN port is disabled or not connected, then this function does not provide any useful (WWPN) information. Instead you see the following message.

Link down

Cannot Init Link.


| No SAN devices present |

| Press any key to continue |


So, as an alternative, you can try the following procedure instead.

1) Boot into SMS - I/O Device Information. Obtain a list of the adapters and their location codes.


PowerPC Firmware

Version FW930.00 (VH930_035)

SMS (c) Copyright IBM Corp. 2000,2019 All rights reserved.


Select Media Adapter

1. U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C1-C1-T1 /pci@800000020000020/fibre-channel@0

2. U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C1-C1-T2 /pci@800000020000020/fibre-channel@0,1

3. U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C1-C1-T3 /pci@800000020000020/fibre-channel@0,2

4. U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C1-C1-T4 /pci@800000020000020/fibre-channel@0,3

5. U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C3-C1-T1 /pci@800000020000022/fibre-channel@0

6. U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C3-C1-T2 /pci@800000020000022/fibre-channel@0,1

7. U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C3-C1-T3 /pci@800000020000022/fibre-channel@0,2

8. U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C3-C1-T4 /pci@800000020000022/fibre-channel@0,3

2) Boot into open firmware prompt (8), use the display_adapter_wwpn command and take note of the PORT-WWN information.

dev /packages/gui

display_adapter_wwpn <location-code>


0 > dev /packages/gui ok

0 > display_adapter_wwpn U78D5.ND2.XXXXXXX-P1-C1-C1-T1

Link down

Cannot Init Link.

PORT-WWN: 100000107b6dd43e

And of course, this is an undocumented feature and not officially supported. And I have no idea if this feature will also disappear from Open Firmware at some point in the future.